Daniela Alzérreca

Experience the joy of singing

Freie Musikschule

A fun learning environment in the beautiful Gellertpark


A magnificent new room, filled with light, to inspire you every lesson. Conveniently located at Elsässerstrasse 34 

Voice lessons

Teaching is my passion. I have years of experience, helping you achieve your goals as a singer. I have had students from 7 until 70 years old.  
Every day is a new learning experience for me. Whether you feel comfortable taking lessons in german, english or spanish, each voice is unique and therefore, we have to explore it together in order to achieve its full potencial.

Please feel free to inquire about rates at www.instrumentum.ch (link down the page) or send me an email.


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Technique 100%
Style 100%
Expression 100%
Self-awareness 100%

Preise für Gesangsunterricht

Mindeststunden pro Monat 2:

60min.   80CHF

45min.   70CHF

Ab 3 Gesangsstunden pro Monat:

60min. 75CHF

45min. 65CHF

  • Studenten/ Mindeststunden pro Monat 2:

60min.   70CHF

45min.   60CHF

  • Ab 3 Gesangsstunden pro Monat:

60min. 65CHF

45min. 55CHF

  • Kinder bis 13 Jahre alt

Wöchentlich, ausser in den Ferien.


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